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So as we (and our wardrobe) get set for a beautiful winter, we decode the top three must-have legwear for you – stockings, tights, pantyhose, leggings. Pay close

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Pantyhose vs Tights. Pantyhose and tights are two kinds of leg garments. Both garments are coverings that start from the wearer’s waist down to the feet.

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Feb 23, 2011 · Pantyhose vs Tights Pantyhose and tights are legwear which typically covers the whole leg. The two terms are used to describe any hosiery that starts at the

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Dec 21, 2008 · What is the difference between pantyhose vs. tights vs. trouser socks? ? I am trying to figure out what to wear with all of my high heeled shoes. I have

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Apr 30, 2011 · Pantyhose vs Stockings Pantyhose and Stockings are two types of leg wear. They are tight garment made from elastic fabric covering the lower part of the body.

Leggings versus Tights comparison chart; Leggings Tights; Introduction: Leggings are a type of skin-tight garment that covers the legs and that may be worn by both

Apr 27, 2013 · pantyhose vs stockings vs tights? whats the difference? Pantyhose and tights are both types of stockings (stockings is the general category).

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Tights v stockings – the great debate. TIGHTS. Quentin Letts, 37, pantyhose (pronounced ‘pannyho’s’).

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