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He said to throw out your drawerful of knives and just use the F. Dick offset knife for everything. I do exactly that.

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Dick Professionals only choice: Knives, Files and Special Tools. Language selection. Welcome to Friedr. Dick! Please select the heading you require:

Friedr. DICK is a German cutlery manufacturer founded 1778 in Esslingen, Germany. Known by their logo name of F.Dick, the company has three lines of business.

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Shop the full selection of F. Dick Premier Plus Series knives. Free shipping on all orders over $50.

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Knife Shop Australia sells F Dick knives and honing steels for chefs, butchers, hunters, fishing and home enthusiasts.

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F. Dick knives are high quality forged steel, made in Germany. Maximum quality and optimum handling, designed to meet the ergonomic standards of professionals worldwide.

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Friedrich Dick of Germany has manufactured highest quality knives and tools for butchers since the year 1778. The long-standing traditions continue into the 21st

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Vintage German Cutlery (180) UNIQUE FINEST Vintage Anton Wingen Chef’s 4 Hand-Forged Steak Knives Knife Set w FINE Antique F. DICK Nogent Sabatier-style

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F Dick. F Dick has been a manufacturer of high quality forged knives since 1778. The F Dick Cutlery listed here are from their premier line and feature laser-tested

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The proof is there because everyone I let use one of my F. Dick steels or knives or other kitchen tools I have made by them always generates a ton of compliments.

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