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How Can a Woman Not Know She’s Pregnant Until She Gives Birth? Slate. Sign In Sign Up. Slate. Explainer. Answers to your questions about the news. June 17 2013 2:19 PM.

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It is possible but uncommon for a , healthy woman not to know she is pregnant until shortly before she gives birth, expert obstetricians and gynecologists say.

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? The only way to know for sure is by taking a pregnancy test. But there are early symptoms of pregnancy that may point to

How could any woman not know she was pregnant until she gave birth? A new study suggests it’s more common than you think . By Alison Smith Squire for MailOnline

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Surprise delivery: How could a woman not know she’s pregnant? Dever said it’s not the first time she’s seen a pregnant woman miss all the signs.

Believe it or not, it is sometimes possible for a woman to carry a baby all the way to term without ever realizing she is pregnant. This is called a cryptic pregnancy

How can you be pregnant and not know it? Here’s one mom’s unbelievable birth story about her surprise pregnancy.

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How could you not know you’re pregnant until you’re in labor? Learn 10 reasons you might not know you’re pregnant at HowStuffWorks.

Dec 07, 2011 ยท Quite simply, they do not know they’re pregnant because they have no symptoms — no weight gain, no nausea, and little to no abdominal swelling.

Denied Pregnancy. According to research, the state of denied pregnancy is not uncommon. In fact, not knowing you are pregnant until you are 20 weeks pregnant happens

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