Scavenging Nylon

Scavenging Nylon 69

Oxygen scavenging polyamide compositions suitable for pet The oxygen transmission rate of this oxygen scavenging amorphous nylon decreases rapidly to near zero

Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Olefin. heat Sensitivity-Thermoplastic. Color Scavenging. Dries quickly because of low absorbency but can melt in a too hot dryer.

Aldehyde Scavenging Agents and Packaging Material (nylon MXD6) and acetaldehyde can be added to oxygen scavenging systems to remove aldehyde and alcohol by-

High Barrier Nylon, Description: Aegis OX is an oxygen-scavenging nylon. Oxygen barrier is comparable to a glass bottle with metal crown closure.

Scavenging Nylon 107

Scavenging Nylon 21

Scavenging Nylon 43

Aegis ® BarrierPro2 ™ nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging formulation providing high oxygen barrier for juice, tea and condiment bottles.

Scavenging Nylon 115

MULTILAYER CONTAINERS FEATURING NANO-NYLON MXD6 BARRIER LAYERS “New High Barrier, Oxygen Scavenging Polyamides For PET Co-injection Stretch Blow

Scavenging Nylon 7

Scavenging Nylon 110

Product Description TDS; OXCE: Aegis ® OXCE barrier nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging nylon formulated for the high-oxygen barrier demands of plastic beer bottles

Scavenging Nylon 95

Oxygen barrier polyamide compositions exhibiting high oxygen scavenging capability suitable for extended shelf-life, packaging applications. Thus a polyamide

Scavenging Nylon 97

The preparation of a novel, flexible, photocatalytic, oxygen-scavenging polymer film is described. The film incorporates nanocrystalline titania particles in an

Scavenging Nylon 105

Oxygen scavenging barrier polyamide compositions exhibiting high oxygen scavenging capability as well as good coinjection stretch blow moldability characteristics

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