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With the development of the Sinclair field, Manitoba has increased its crude oil production four-fold since 1999, There is no natural gas production in Manitoba.

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Invest in Manitoba today. Header Side Menu Content Footer Search. Natural gas marketers do not deliver the natural gas or provide utility services.

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Provides electricity and gas service to communities throughout the province. Contains service information, employment opportunities and related links.

Manitoba Hydro is the electric power and natural gas utility in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 1961, it is a provincial Crown Corporation, governed by

Starting in February, your natural gas rates are set to go up. The province’s Public Utilities Board approved an increase in primary gas prices on Wednesday.

Natural Gas; Shale and Tight Resources; Manitoba’s Shale and Tight and legislation to provide for the sustainable development of Manitoba’s oil and gas

Natural gas distribution. We are the major natural gas distributor in Manitoba. Using a vast network of transmission and distribution pipelines, we deliver natural

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Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher

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A natural gas pipeline explosion near Otterburne, Man., 50 kilometres south of Winnipeg, has left thousands without heat as temperatures drop to -20 C, or -34 C with

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Natural gas customers in Manitoba will be paying more to heat their homes. On Wednesday, the province’s Public Utility Board approved an increase in primary gas rates.

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